Talking Points: Blazers 10th worst NBA franchise




The Big Lead has ranked its 10 worst NBA franchises since 2000.

Sadly, for Blazer fans, your team made the list.

But only at No. 10.

The reasoning: The Blazers have not won a playoff series since 2000. That was the year the Blazers blew a 15-point, fourth-quarter lead in Game 7 against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

The Blazers, The Big Lead said, have never recovered.

It could have been worse. TBL did not even mention Oden, Durant, or even Sebastian Telfair.

It could have been way worse. There are nine franchises that were considered worse than the Blazers.

The Knicks came it at No. 1.

You know, because owner James Dolan makes Donald Sterling look competent.


Remember last summer, when the NFL had locked out its players and the season was getting close, and some fans were getting worried? Remember? Do ya? Huh?

Well, for the record, we were never worried. Everybody was making money. They just had to figure out a way to spread the wealth. We knew they would find a way to play the whole season.

Now, this summer, have you even noticed that the NFL is involved in another lockout? Yep, the NFL has locked out its game officials.

Now, the officials are claiming the league is training “scab” officials. And the locked-out officials are saying player safety will be at stake because only properly trained officials can save the players.

Our point is: You probably had no idea this was happening. Which means the officials don’t really have much of a backing.

Just weeks away from preseason games, and the NFL and its officials are having a labor dispute.

Did that tree make a sound when it fell on deaf ears?