Letter: No ‘official’ help for cleanup



I like the July 12 Neighbors story “Officials: Clean up your own fireworks debris,” about the city and county public works telling reporter Scott Hewitt that people should be cleaning up their own fireworks. It sounds like he was having the same problem with loudness in the unincorporated county as we were in the city. I do enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July only. I live inside city limits, and the fireworks weren’t supposed to start until July 1 and end on July 4 at midnight. Apparently some of my neighbors were not aware and still aren’t aware of this law. They were lighting off the fireworks until July 9.

Maybe we should limit the fireworks sale to July 4 only. This is the only day it is legal to let off fireworks in Camas. I am almost tempted not to support the nonprofits that insist this is the only way they can make money.

People, please be considerate of your neighbors. If you decide you want to continue to light off the loud fireworks after midnight, please look around and see if your neighbors have their house lights on. If they don’t, they may be asleep because they have to get up early the next day to go to work.

Debbie Simonds