Talking Points: Seeking a few victories



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


If the downfall of a coach from another town can benefit a coach from your town, wouldn’t you try to get that benefit?

That’s what an attorney for the city of Grambling, La. is doing.

City attorney Pamela Breedlove has asked the NCAA infractions committee to vacate some of Joe Paterno’s record 409 Division I victories.

Now why would Grambling, La., care about what’s happening at Penn State?

Well it’s because Grambling is the home of Grambling State University. Coach Eddie Robinson led Grambling to 408 victories during his career with the Tigers, a total that was passed by Paterno less than two weeks before he was fired as the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal broke.

Here’s an interesting kicker: Breedlove said she did not have an opinion about how many victories should be vacated.

We are guessing she might be fine with at least two.


Apparently all the Mariners need is a chip on their shoulder.

That’s according to former Mariner Jay Buhner.

Tuesday on Seattle radio show “Brock and Salk,” Buhner made a variety of comments ranging from “I’d vomit,” when asked about a contract extension for Ichiro, to “Wedgie (manager Eric Wedge) can’t keep growing the beard, growing the mustache, shaving it off, that’s not the answer,” about veteran leadership in the clubhouse.

Buhner joked that he expected a call from the Mariners wondering about the “chip” he’s carrying on his shoulder towards the team.

“That’s what you need,” Buhner said. “You need some people in there with a chip on their shoulder. Some people in there that are proud to wear the Seattle Mariners uniform. And I’m not seeing that as much anymore. Guys that are going in, heart breaking up. I mean, just play with an attitude, man, that’s what I want to see. Guys that are enjoying what they’re doing, playing with an attitude and getting better. Just get better. Show me some signs.”


The withdrawal from the Olympic tennis tournament by Rafael Nadal has brought up the discussion if tennis should even be in the Olympics.

Pro tennis happens on a weekly basis all over the globe, some will argue, therefore we don’t need it in the Olympics.

Perhaps that’s exactly why tennis should be in the Olympics. It’s a global sport and many follow.

Sure, this tournament may have lost some luster with the defending gold medal champ out, but there’s still a Grand Slam left to play.

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