Letter: Secularism is dangerous philosophy



Many Americans clamor for more permissiveness, though repeal of laws regarding sexual morality involve denial of the spiritual eternally living human soul. But, in no way, other than by way of importance to our Creator, is any individual “equal” to another.

Denial of the spiritual human soul destroys the basis for “freedom” found in the Constitution, and introduces chaos into social issues. This type of public policy indoctrination is associated with collapsed cultures. By this philosophy, a human has no more value than an insect. Can you not understand the repercussions?

It was exactly such atheistic cultures underlying the murder of millions during World Wars I and II.Scientists say the world started with a “big bang,” but never say where it all came from. Darwin’s “Origin of Species” never explained the “origin” of even a single species.

Scientists today admit having no clue about where life began. Yet it is now fellow Americans endangering us all by denying our Creator. As senator in Illinois, our president voted against a bill that would have required life-saving treatment be given to still alive late-term aborted babies (http://www.JustFactsDaily.Com). We will all pay dearly for complicity in these diabolical crimes.

John Cannon