Former deputy prosecutor linked to prostitutes




A Clark County deputy prosecuting attorney who resigned last month was charged Tuesday with the attempted patronizing of a prostitute.

Jeffrey W. Holmes was charged with the misdemeanor by Skamania County’s prosecutor, who was asked by Clark County’s prosecutor to review the case to avoid a conflict of interest.

Holmes will be summoned to appear in Skamania County Superior Court on Aug. 2.

Holmes, 31, had worked at the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office since December 2006, and most recently prosecuted felony domestic violence cases.

It was an allegation of domestic violence on May 8 by Holmes’ ex-girlfriend that led to his downfall, according to police reports obtained this week. Responding to a public disclosure request, Skamania County released 382 pages of police reports on the domestic violence and prostitution investigations of Holmes.

While sheriff’s deputies ultimately found the domestic violence case to be unfounded — authorities said Holmes had a solid self-defense claim — a cellphone seized as part of the investigation revealed numerous emails between Holmes and prostitutes. The emails explicitly talked about sex acts and prices.

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