Madore apologizes to Boldt for false claim in mailer




Vancouver Republican David Madore, a candidate for Clark County commissioner, apologized Tuesday for including a false statement in a recent mailer.

Madore claimed in bold-faced type that the incumbent, Commissioner Marc Boldt, “has doubled the size of government during his terms in office.”

Since Boldt has been in office, the county’s biennial budget has decreased from $941 million in 2005-06 to $921 million in 2011-12, said Clark County Budget Director Jim Dickman. The number of full-time equivalent county employees has dropped during that time from 1,760 to 1,640, Dickman said.

The Columbian questioned Madore on Monday about his claim that Boldt has doubled the size of government.

On Tuesday, Madore said he called Boldt and apologized for the error.

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