Weather Eye: Days get shorter, but it’s still glorious summer




I noticed Tuesday evening that the sun is still setting to the northwest, but it also is setting quite a bit earlier than it was. I get used to the longer hours of daylight, and then it seems to catch up with me all of a sudden. I know, I hate to mention it, but the longer daylight hours of summer are waning. The good side is that it is still mid-summer!

Our forecast remains the same: basically dry through the end of the month, with seasonal temperatures at or times a little below. Perhaps August will bring some hot 90-degree days that will linger in our minds when the chilly wet weather rolls around.

Wednesday was clear and sunny all day, with highs getting back up there in the mid-80s with light breezes. East of the mountains, it was generally in the 90s, and even around Puget Sound it was 80 degrees. Summer in all its glory!

Looking at our July weather records through Wednesday, it appears we will end up with a drier-than-average month. Only 0.24 of an inch is recorded in the rain bucket this month. The average mean temperature is only slightly above average and will most likely end up fairly close to average.

Viewing the sunsets, you may see hazy or colorful displays as smoke particles from Asia drift overhead. They are from fires burning across Siberia. We will be on the receiving end of the smoke particles the rest of the summer, causing hazy skies at times but also some pretty sunsets.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at