Letter: Speak freely, and with civility



For those of us who read and contribute to “Our readers’ views,” exercising our freedom of speech is worth celebrating not only on July 4 but every day.

Let’s make our voices heard and opinions known in a respectful and civil manner, realizing there are at least two sides to any issue or current event.

When you or I believe change is needed, it’s we, the people, who ultimately make it happen. In our American democracy, when we feel something is not right, we have three choices:

• Quietly work to influence or shape the outcome.

• Publicly make comments and/or offer suggestions.

• Shut up and do nothing.

Let’s remain open to all viewpoints whether we agree with the writers who contribute or not. When commenting, let’s not be so intent on making others look bad or shooting disparaging remarks at each other. There are times this reader feels that haters from all camps — liberal, moderate and conservative — have squatted and left their verbal waste on the letters turf. Let’s exercise civility and search for understanding of others when offering opinions and suggestions.

Bruce R. Randall