Letter: ‘Buy local’ cry rings hollow



Recent newspaper stories have highlighted the increased traffic to Oregon to buy liquor, accompanied by a corresponding decrease in Washington sales. To correct this problem there has been an outcry from local businesses to do the right thing and “Buy Local.”

The shift in sales should come as a surprise to no one. After all, the same businesses and organizations that urge us to do the patriotic thing also support laws that lure Oregonians to come and spend their money in Washington, instead of spending it where they live. They, and their big brothers, corporations, save money by sending jobs overseas, pitting one community against another for the best tax exemptions and other corporate welfare, and protest against regulation of undocumented workers, all to save a penny.

I can see the pattern, but find it difficult to believe that my actions to spend locally will in any manner promote a similar response by companies or corporations.

Russ Williams