Letter: U.N. wants to take away our guns



Rise up Americans. Take heed of politicians who say they are acting in our best interests. We elect them, but once in office, they follow their own agenda.

Little attention is paid to the United Nations; most Americans think the U.N. is there to do good in countries that are oppressed — Third World countries (the type of oppression we now face).

The U.N. is nearing completion of an arms treaty that could disarm all American citizens. Yes, they want to take away our Second Amendment rights by taking away our guns. This could be just the first step in removing all the freedoms our founding fathers worked so hard for, gave their lives for.

Rise up, do something about the injustices soon to be placed upon our shoulders. Do something while you still have the freedom to act.

Force politicians to do our bidding. They are supposed to represent the people. Force them back to the real world, and push them to stand up to entities such as the U.N. and say “no” to everything that goes against our constitutional rights.

Stand up for our rights, our freedoms. Stand up to those who do more harm than good. Stand up for our liberties. Rebel!

Liz Elfring