2.1 million attend first 3 days of London Olympics



LONDON (AP) — Organizers at the London Olympics say 2.1 million people attended events in the first three full days of competition.

They say 86 percent of ticket-holders showed up Saturday, 92 percent Sunday and 88 percent Monday. Games organizers have been criticized because swaths of empty seats have appeared on television and in photographs.

Organizers say 856,000 attended events Saturday, including a “conservative” estimate of 500,000 on the men’s cycling road race route.

It was 900,000 on Sunday, when eight men’s soccer matches were played. An estimated 300,000 lined the women’s cycling route. Monday’s overall attendance was 370,000.

Organizing committee spokeswoman Jackie Brock-Doyle says it won’t publish breakdowns of each sport’s attendance.