Letter: Focus on preventing teen suicide



Since 2010, the number of teen suicides has nearly doubled in Clark County — in the past year, three in just one high school. This is shocking.

Why would teens want to end their lives? Was it the relationship with their parents, siblings, friends? Was the pressure to live in a certain way too much?

The county has made an effort to help teens, but I feel like more could be done.

Parents need to keep a closer eye on their teens if the children are showing any signs of depression. Parents have the largest influence on how the child feels and acts. Yet, many parents tend to be too harsh with their teens.

Also, peers at school affect teens’ actions and feelings. Objects can be replaced, but people cannot. It isn’t until someone is gone that we think about what we could have done to help them. We need to think about ways to prevent it now.

A lot of programs and groups have been put together to try to prevent these teen suicides. But I believe more people need to see that they can make a difference and maybe more articles about these groups (including problems and successes) could help.

More awareness could really save lives.

Liana Lopuga