Letter: Ways to reduce childhood obesity



Many children and teenagers are becoming obese. The unhealthy foods eaten that are passed as snacks, lunch and dinner are a part of weight gain.

Schools could help make children less obese by simply changing the lunch menu and items in the vending machines. Snacks that are brought from home should be limited, to some extent. Many parents want to make their children happy by buying them all the foods they would like to eat. Please know that obesity is a worldwide issue that can be fatal and is not worth the risk. Fun snacks should not be taken away; a snack should be allowed once a day or week.

More than one-fourth of all obese people in America are children. Daily exercise should become a habit and healthy snacks such as apples should replace greasy chips, pizza, fries and many more.

Healthy children are happy children; don’t let your child become a part of this chain.

Most obese adults start the problem as children and unless weight is lost, their lives can be shortened.

Taylor Schilperoort