Letter: Get state out of sacred marriage



I am disturbed by the anger toward “group” rights when we are a free country (or are we?) and are supposed to be able to express our conscience in matters of truth and justice. I’m pleased that some have the courage to make their statement on the “gay marriage” issue and sad that those opposed to Dan Cathy’s (of Chick-fil-A) view feel they must punish him.

I believe marriage was designed by our Creator to be a covenant between man, woman and God, and that each of us has a God-given free will to choose our path in life.

How about if we do as they do in Europe with the civil contract? They can have what they want with their union under contract and the covenant of marriage with God can be celebrated by those with traditional faith values in the church of their choice. The gay rights group can have their weddings, but marriage should be kept sacred for the special intended union by natural law of man and woman with the intention of the continuation of the human race.

Susan Morgan