Letter: Freedom is all-inclusive



When President Obama stepped forward recently and verbally showed his support for same-sex marriage, he clarified that freedom in this country should be all-inclusive. America has always been known as a melting pot, a place where being an individual is promoted, and where all of the freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights are staunchly protected. The entire point of being free is having the ability to make choices, such as who we wish to marry, without interference from others.

In my eyes, I fail to see how we can claim to be a country based on freedom and liberty when many citizens are not allowed marriage equality. If two consenting adults decide that they want to marry, they should have that right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but that entitlement should not extend to making life decisions for other people.

We are guaranteed not only freedom of religion, but also from religion, in America. The only way this country will ever truly be free is when we stop allowing individual religious ideology to influence our government and laws.

Samantha Penick