Talking Points: Birthday reminder



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Funny how golfers are only fatigued or mentally drained after a bad round.

Phil Mickelson withdrew from The Memorial after Thursday’s first round, citing mental fatigue and his wife’s birthday. Love the part of his wife’s birthday. So he scheduled himself to play in the tournament and only after playing for a round did he realize it was Amy’s birthday.

Anyway, Mickelson had earlier played three consecutive weeks, then flew to Italy and France to hang out with his wife, before returning to play in the Memorial

Tough life, huh?

Then Mickelson fired a 79.

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN wondered if Mickelson would have been mentally fatigued and withdrew if he shot a 67.

We agree, Jackie. Pretty sure Amy would have had to endure celebrating her birthday without Phil had Phil been in contention.


Yahoo Sports is reporting there is a ledger, detailing the weekly bonuses that were paid regarding the Saints’ bounty system.

We cannot believe this is true.

We cannot fathom that people would be so stupid as to put in writing such actions that are against the NFL rules, possibly illegal, and certain to come back to haunt.

Then again, this is the same franchise that was told years ago that the NFL had suspected wrongdoing and the NFL told it to stop. Evidently, it did not stop.

So perhaps there is a ledger.



Everybody loves Brandon Roy, right? He is this generation’s Mr. Blazer.

So how would Portland fans react if Mr. Blazer becomes a Laker?

ESPN’s Chris Palmer speculated that if Roy does make a comeback, the Lakers could be his destination.

We don’t believe there is a Blazer fan worth his weight in gold who would ever boo Brandon Roy. We also believe most fans would cheer him, in any uniform, during his first appearance back in the Rose Garden.

However, if he does sign with the Lakers, those cheers would turn silent in a hurry.

We’ll give you one big welcome-back cheer, Brandon. But if you’re a Laker, that’s all you’ll get.

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