Letter: Remembering those lost is priority



Regarding Carolyn Schultz-Rathburn’s May 30 letter, “Focus on memorializing sacrifices,” I would like to respond as a POW/MIA family member. My brother, Capt. Harley H. Hall, was the last pilot shot down in Vietnam on Jan. 17, 1973. Numerous elected officials and retired generals have always been given precedence at Memorial Day services. It seems the families that should be focused on are left in the background. There are several families in this area who have missing loved ones. That’s why the black and white flags you see over buildings and homes are flying in honor of those who were either left behind or missing in action.

The focus of Memorial Day should be on the men and women who sacrificed their futures and lives so you can have the freedom to do as you want because “Freedom is not free.” Families left behind are only looking for recognition of their loved ones on this important day.

Thanks to Schultz-Rathbun for speaking out about what the families of our loved ones have felt for a long time. I guess when we suggested this many times, we were looked at as “tooting our own horns.”

God bless the ones who have given all and God bless our troops who are still giving.

Gwen Hall Davis