Letter: More education has higher return



In response to the online opinion poll regarding high tuition rates, I agree that the ever-growing rate of tuition is evil.

As an average high school student entering the college world, tuition is the most stressful part of preparing for college. Sure, students loans are of immense help but the inevitable debt that later comes with it is almost not worth it. Many students have great intelligence and are worthy of schools ranked as high as University of Washington, but simply cannot afford tuition or student loans.

If schools could work more effectively with the government on funding for class supplies, books, housing, etc., tuition could be lowered, meaning more opportunities for students to achieve things big. Students who are graduating are having trouble paying back student loans due to wages dropping and the unemployment rate increasing. Ironically, the whole point was to use a student loan to pay for tuition, earn a degree, and use your career to pay back student loan debt.

As a country, we can look at what is more important here — getting students educated with equal opportunity in college. This would increase the employment rate as students with careers could earn higher-paying jobs. More jobs equal more tax revenue, which leads to less deficit.

Shaina Bower