Letter: Repairs require money



I thank our Battle Ground school board for the open hearings they provided for the public regarding leftover bond monies. Everyone wants to do what is best for the Battle Ground School District by fixing the $5 million of repairs at the top of the list but there is still $6 million worth of repairs at the bottom of the list and funds aren’t available to repair them all.

We have mold, leaking roofs, sewage overflow issues that need to be fixed immediately. These issues are a huge concern for the health of all children learning in these conditions.

We entrust the Battle Ground school board to provide a safe, healthy, non-hazardous learning environment for our children when they attend school. I am thankful for their diligence in requesting our opinions and look forward to the repairs that are made throughout the district.

I only hope that we will pass levy and bonds in the future with these goals in mind. Don’t pass the bare minimum. It’s time for people to wake up. Education is a priority. No more cuts. It’s time to discuss what programs we are going to add and how we are going to enhance the learning environment and education for every child.

Chrystal Perrin