Letter: Rich continue to get richer




The May 26 Columbian story reported “Herrera Beutler kicks off re-election run: Closed fundraiser lunch brings House Speaker John Boehner to Vancouver for speech.” The Republican hypocrites Boehner and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, have had their luncheon attended by only those who don’t need a job. No press, of course. The elite gathered to discuss how to keep the masses quiet with minimum-wage jobs and no benefits.

Fortunately, MoveOn.org was there to highlight the Republican lack of concern for anything but profits.

Profits these days? Columbian stories report CEO pay up 6 percent to average $9.6 million, stock profits up 16 percent. Rich income up 279 percent since Ronald Reagan. Corporate taxes are 6 percent average, billionaire taxes 13.6 percent, worker taxes 30 percent.

Who needs a tax cut per Republicans? Not the billionaires, the corporations, the rich.

How do they plan for those cuts? Cut food stamps, cut teacher salaries, cut transportation, cut Planned Parenthood, cut health care, cut Social Security, cut the middle class out entirely.

Working America, why do you vote Republican?

Bill Kelley