Letter: What makes bullies tick?



During this school year, I witnessed a kid being bullied by other kids in my grade. He had been cornered into a wall and had no chance for escape. The look on his face was horrible. While this kid was bullied, they were calling him horrible names and saying things like, “Nobody loves you” and “Go back where you came from.”

He managed to escape by pushing them away.

I knew how this kid felt from my own bullying experience. When I was in third grade, people in higher grades used to pick on me. They would hit, yell and say very hurtful things, like “You are stupid, you’re worthless.”

But what we are all wondering is why do people bully? What makes them do this? I guess no one really knows why. If you are a bully, then take a second and think about what you are doing. Stop bullying.

Jordon Holzer

La Center