Letter: Liberals block logical legislation



DEAD, the acronym for Democrats, eugenics, and decay, describes the mind and actions of liberal progressives in Congress. Recently, these liberals killed legislation in the House of Representatives that would criminalize sex-selection abortion. Yes, progressives approve of and some actually practice eugenics. Eugenics, defined in the PDR Medical Dictionary as “the practice or policy which tends to better the innate qualities of progeny and human stock,” is societal Darwinism on steroids. The so-called “pro-choice” advocate is far down the slope of “master race” determination, starting with just plain abortion, then to late-term abortion, and now to sex-selection abortion; next in line is DNA-determined abortion. The argument is hardly overreaction, rather a logical step in the pretentious and morally decayed line that liberals follow.

The irony is that recently these same liberals called Republicans “Social Darwinists” when, as shown, the Darwinists are the liberal progressive Democrats.

Big brother is not only here, but is determining who you are.

Robert Edwin Maul