Talking Points: Blazers turn to Clippers



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Oh, how the Blazers have fallen.

Not only did they miss the playoffs, but now they go do this:

They have reached out to the Clippers for help.

The Blazers named Neil Olshey as the team’s general manager. Olshey helped turn the Clippers into a playoff team this year.

While we hope this is a good hire for the Blazers, we would have preferred they hired NBA commissioner David Stern. After all, Stern’s decision regarding Chris Paul allowed for Olshey to get Chris Paul to the Clippers. And Chris Paul got the Clippers to the playoffs.

No matter, it is still a strange, strange world when the Trail Blazers look to improve themselves by hiring a Clipper.


While you might go to jail, it appears it is pretty easy to hang out with major league ball players these days.

A Mets fan, wearing a Gary Carter jersey, joined in the mob celebrating with Johan Santana on Friday after Santana completed his no-hitter.

A fan in Detroit this weekend not only got on the field, but walked over to New York Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher to give him a fist-bump. Later, the guy made it to Robinson Cano, playing second base, long enough to have a quick conversation.

Eventually, security took down the dude in Detroit.

The Mets fan also got tackled, but not until after he was in the middle of the team.

We think fans should try this more often. We also think security needs more tasers. And we definitely think this should be televised!


Speaking of Santana’s no-hitter, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called it a No-Hitter*. Yep, with an asterisk.

The no-no came against St. Louis and during the game, Carlos Beltran of the Cardinals hit a ball that could have (should have) been called fair.

Fine. It was a bad call.

But did you see the play? It was close. Real close. And an umpire only has a split second to make a decision on fair/foul. The rules do not allow for the use of replay in that situation. So give the umps a break. No need for an asterisk.

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