Letter: Fixing the economy requires action



Recovery is slow because:

o Bush tax cuts and wars have reduced revenue and increased deficits. Revenues have shrunk to 50-year lows.

o Tax dodging and loopholes are rampant.

o Internet and technology improvements have eliminated millions of middle-class jobs.

o Millions of American jobs have been outsourced to cheap labor in other countries.

o Instead of working with Democrats to improve the economy, Republicans have made stopping the re-election of Barack Obama their number one priority.

Every attempt at job creation and economic improvement has been blocked so Obama can be blamed.

Fixing the economy requires pragmatic action rather than partisan ideological nonsense. We need tax revenue that allows government to create jobs. We need regulation of Wall Street to avoid bailouts and economic collapse. We don’t need war.

Mitt Romney would continue the Bush fiasco. The Bush and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., policies would cut taxes for the wealthy and eliminate regulation. Social security, medicare, food stamps and safety nets would be devastated. Business would trump public needs. Deficits would increase, more jobs would be lost and the wealthy would further profit at middle class expense. Additional wars would be more likely.

Bob Donohoe