Letter: Get tougher on bullies



I am moved to respond to student Jordon Holzer’s well-written June 5 letter, “What makes bullies tick?” in which he asked, “why do people bully?”

My answer is, a bully is a coward with power. Bullies usually have some unfair advantage. They may surround themselves with fawning admirers and attack one defenseless person. They may be bigger and stronger than their victims. They are careful to launch their attacks out of sight of authority, often from behind. They believe that by tearing others down, they build themselves up. Obviously, they have had no guidance from parents in how to behave in a civilized society. Bullies are the seed stock of gangs. They group together for safety and strength. In defense, the victims of bullying might do the same.

During several years of volunteering as a tutor in the schools, I know that the schools try to deal with the bully problem. It’s nearly impossible to stop it. Stronger measures are needed.

Lee Lathrop