Weather Eye: Will June be as wet as May? Month is off to a rainy start




Hard to believe we almost have the first week of June behind us. Time marches on and so goes our weather. Rainfall amounts this month are running over 1 inch and if we keep going at that rate it will be as wet as last month. Let’s hope for a turnaround.

The Washington state climate office issued its May monthly weather review. Here is a paragraph from that report. “May highlights include a statewide warm spell and some extremely rainy days for Western Washington. From about May 12 through the 16, temperatures were unseasonably warm throughout the state. While this was not record breaking on the west side of the Cascades, some daily high temperature records were broken on the east side as temperatures soared to about 20 degrees above normal. Record high temperatures were set at Moses Lake (92), Chief Joseph Dam (92), Republic (87), and Pullman-Moscow Airport (85) on May 14 and in Yakima (94) on May 15.”

Sounds like summertime doesn’t it? But not this week, which is more like April with afternoon temperatures in Eastern Washington in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

One more shot of cold unstable air moves inland today and Friday with some steady rain early today turning to scattered showers through Friday night. We could see a thunderstorm here and there Friday with more snow in the higher Cascades.

Showers will be in the forecast for the Rose Parade on Saturday but it may not be a washout after all. Showers are after all hit and miss. Looking ahead to next week I am thinking we may enjoy several days that will be quite normal. That is morning clouds, afternoon sun and temperatures right at average in the low 70s.

We will review last month’s rainfall in Sunday’s column.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. Reach him at