Young Giants fan sends money to Jacobs to stay




SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — New 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs received a letter this week from a 6-year-old boy named Joseph that included $3.36 in cash from his piggy bank — the child’s contribution to try to keep Jacobs with the reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

The boy’s mother, Julie Armento, wrote that she explained to her son that the Giants didn’t have enough money to bring Jacobs back on a new contract, thus prompting her son’s adorable gesture.

Jacobs says he will connect with Joe — how he signed off his name in the typewritten note — when he’s back in New Jersey. The 49ers play the Jets on Sept. 30.

Jacobs posted a picture of the letter and the money in a sandwich bag on his Twitter account, (at)gatorboy45.