Letter: Common sense says “Slow down”



To the woman who flashed her fingers in a “2” and then a “5” to let me know the speed limit on our street is 25 mph, I would like to say “Congratulations.” You were driving down a neighborhood street, past my driveway, which happens to be a school bus stop for up to 15 young kids. They come from all over, up and down the sidewalks, sometimes racing across the road without looking, in their efforts to be “first in line.”

When I casually? nonurgently? waved to you to slow down a bit as you “drove” by in your large SUV, you let me (and the other parents) know via your hand signals about the speed limit and your right to drive at that speed, which, when standing on the sidewalk with a group of kids, seemed much too fast for the situation. So I would like to reiterate, congratulations, because now we will all know how fast you are going when you hit a kid.

The speed limit is just that — a limit as to how fast you are supposed to drive in the given area, but hey, you are always welcome to slow down. The limit really doesn’t matter when it comes to neighborhood streets and kids, but your actual speed does.

Jodi Blackwood