Letter: Funding of charters not addressed



In the June 3 editorial, “Time to try charter schools,” some glaring problems are not being addressed. Who pays for what and under what conditions? Until these questions are addressed, I will fight against the establishment of charter schools, based on:

Much praise and projections are given the issue, but minimum attention is paid to the failures. Funds for the charter schools would be obtained from the affected school systems’ budgets, thus shorting their operational monies. What happens when the charter schools have to close? Funds taken from the public school budgets to finance them are lost. What happens to the children attending same? Do they become home-schooled, or do the parents come back to the public schools demanding their kids be accepted? Who pays to reimburse the “robbed” funds? Will the parents responsible for the failed projects not be allowed to return their children to the public schools until they have repaid these “robbed” funds?

I cannot justify paying for such folly. Until these basic funding foundations are resolved, I object to yet another boondoggle by the few trying to foist their personal agendas on the rest of us — at our expense.

George Young