Letter: Fundamentalists suppress diversity



Vancouver is finally getting the attention it deserves regarding gay rights, marriage and union. But now that homosexuals are coming out of the closet by the thousands it seems a new type of Inquisition is present. This time it needs to be called the Fundamentalist Christian Inquisition.

Fundamentalist Christians need to stop shoving their beliefs down the throats of non-Christians or people who are merely different. Millions of people in the U.S. and all over the world do not use the Bible for their religions.

If fundamentalists want to follow their Scriptures so closely, then why do they overlook Old Testament laws against such things as planting two different seeds in one field, wearing garments made of more than one kind of yarn, cutting hair, trimming beards, eating red meat or shellfish, lending money and charging interest, wearing tattoos and crossbreeding livestock? These Old Testament abominations — unclean acts — seem outdated for the fundamentalist Christians, so they take refuge behind the New Testament while pointing fingers and condemning.

Don’t let some of them fool you when they say they are not homophobic or racist. They plan on taking away all gay rights. Slowly but surely they will try.

The key to prosperity is diversity.

Roger Moya