Letter: Individually, we must adjust



As I was reading the June 6 Columbian story “Disney to ditch junk food ads on kids’ shows” about Disney television no longer advertising nutritionally deficient foods and Disney parks cutting back on the sale of the same, I paused to think about the sacrifice this will mean to Disney in lost revenue and my reaction was: “Good for them!” It’s a good example of putting the good of the people before corporate greed. And, of course, I went on wishing that more companies would follow suit. But, there is another side of this coin.

Individual greed is just as undermining to the national economy as corporate greed.

We all buy things at big-box stores because they are cheaper, but have you ever tried to find things that are made in America? It’s almost impossible.

How many of us drive foreign cars, justifying it by saying that the car is built in America providing Americans with much-needed jobs. But the ultimate profit from the sale of each car goes to another country.

Until more of us start following The Walt Disney Company’s example of good citizenship, we will not make much headway in the restoration of American well-being and will not regain the strong, vibrant economy we so desperately need and have experienced before.

Beth Duvall