Letter: Analysis dismisses scope of vision



I am disappointed with Associated Press’ Mike Baker’s analysis of Jay Inslee’s stance on issues (May 31 Columbian story “Poll: Tight race in campaign for governor.”) I’m speaking as a mother of three and very active PTA board member since 1992.

I follow the candidates closely because I want someone who is the best advocate for our current economy and for the next generation. Inslee is the clear choice for many reasons.

Starting with education, while Inslee has explained unequivocally how he will build educational productivity within existing tax and finance parameters, Rob McKenna’s policies are shallow and vague in comparison. Baker should have instead focused on how McKenna plans on gaining multibillion dollars to fund his education promises.

For those looking for decisive and visionary leadership, the better way to find this compared to parsing sound bites from McKenna, is to see the full scope of Inslee’s vision for Washington state in his book, “Apollo’s Fire.” This book demonstrates the roots and reach of Inslee’s understanding that the bridge between education and human development is how we lead to economic development.

Inslee has a vision that has been endorsed by former President Clinton, hardly the lackluster and vague policies that this AP story portrays.

Susan Galaviz