Talking Points: Workouts are meaningless



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The Big Lead reminded readers on Monday not to pay too much attention to workout rumors prior to the NBA draft.

Back in 2007, according to one source, Kevin Durant ranked 78th out of 80 prospects who performed a series of workouts.

(This was the one workout that noted Durant could not bench press 185 pounds.)

Fortunately for the Sonics, they still took a chance on the weakling with the No. 2 pick. Clearly, they were taking a gamble by not selecting the next 77 guys on that workout ranking.

And fortunately for Durant, a basketball does not weigh 185 pounds.


Here is one point of view regarding LeBron James.

We are tired of people calling us haters because we do not want the Heat to win the NBA title.

We don’t hate LeBron. In fact, we think he is the best basketball player in the NBA and deserves his MVP status. We also do not think he is a choker. (Nobody thinks that now, anyway, after last week. But we did not consider him a choke artist before last week.) Sure, he has had questionable late-game moments in his career, but he also took the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals once. That’s worthy of Hall of Fame induction right there.

And it’s not The Decision that made us root against LeBron, it was simply the decision.

The Decision was dumb. It was egotistical. It was classless regarding his former team. But it also fits in with a lot of today’s celebrities. Me. Me. Me. Reality TV. Me. Me. Me.

We can forgive that.

But we do not want to reward the decision, the simple decision that led LeBron to take the “easy” road to team up with another incredible player, an incredible player who already had won an NBA title.

Michael, Magic, and Bird respected each other. They did not want to be teammates with one another, though.

But we can still root against the Heat and hope they don’t get one. And at the same time, we can still appreciate the player.


On his incredible run last season, Novak Djokovic never got a chance at Rafael Nadal on the French Open clay. Djokovic seemed to win everything in sight … except the French thanks to a semifinal defeat.

The world’s No. 1 got his shot this year but Nadal showed he still owns the red clay. Nadal is now 52-1 at the French Open.

“He’s definitely (the) best player in history … on this surface,” said Djokovic, “and results are showing that he’s one of the best ever.”

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