Idaho pilot makes emergency highway landing



LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — A pilot from the north-central Idaho town of Lewiston was forced to make an emergency landing on an eastern Washington highway after his small aircraft developed engine trouble.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rob Aucutt told the Lewiston Tribune that 65-year-old Carmine Petracca was headed to Spokane Monday when his aircraft began losing power. Aucutt said the pilot tried to make it an airport, but realized he wouldn’t make it and so landed on U.S. Highway 195 near Colfax.

The plane struck a power line and sustained some tail damage, and was pushed into a nearby parking lot.

Aucutt says the Washington Department of Transportation is coordinating with the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if Petracca will be able to use the highway for takeoff once the plane is repaired.