Letter: Baby-sitting continues in Korea



President Obama recently visited the Demilitarized Zone that divides South Korea from North Korea. I was interested in the description of the DMZ as “littered with land mines and encased in razor wire.” They were right about land mines. While in Korea, I spent all of my time on the 21/2 miles of the DMZ. We patrolled the DMZ with K9s, and the North Koreans didn’t especially like those dogs. We thanked God for the K9s. I left in October of 1954, when all of our infantry divisions pulled out except for two. We had South Korean troops in our division, and those divisions took our positions. Korea had lots of military at that time.

Recent letters have stated that it’s time our troops were home from the wars that we’ve been in for the past 10 years. We have more than 28,000 military in Korea, so how long does this baby-sitting go on? It has been nearly 60 years now. I don’t think those troops are ever coming home.

Donald A. Davis