Letter: Fireworks violators are immature



I was extremely envious when I read the June 12 Columbian story “City to vote on fireworks rule change.” Here in lawless Clark County, the residents in my neighborhood shoot display-type multi-shot aerials that are both very loud and out of control. By out of control, I mean they certainly don’t land on the shooter’s own property but land elsewhere and can land on the roof of another resident and cause a fire. That is ridiculous behavior whether in the city or the county.

The worst problem, however, is the length of loud noise for about four days before and a couple days after the Fourth at all hours of the night, which means lost sleep.

I don’t begrudge people celebrating but these people are self-centered and very immature since they never cease the celebrating at a reasonable hour. I have fled home for Canada or elsewhere for the past four years to avoid the racket and I resent being driven out of my own home.

Carl H. Tuttle