Letter: Schools, take action against bullies



Bullying is finally getting newspaper recognition and being recognized as the horrible abuse that it is to its victims. My daughter dealt with a bully for seven months during her senior year at Hudson’s Bay. Although I talked to and wrote letters to the school administrators, school district officials, school board members and the state education office, no one chose to help. The school district said that the bully was a victim also, that my daughter should take the “high road” and that they could not help us.

Seven months of torment, taunting, email, voice mails, emotional and mental abuse followed. The school district was hands off — no accountability, no responsibility. Is it a wonder that students choose to make their own decisions on how to stop the bullying?

Until school officials take a stand, enforce their own rules and give power to the victims this will never end. In my daughter’s case the bully still defaces our property and house.

Vancouver Public Schools continues putting its head in the sand.

Erika Agnew