Clark County at Work: IMS Electronics Recycling

By Mary Ricks, Columbian news assistant



Business name: IMS Electronics Recycling.

Parent company: The IMS Group.

General manager: Bill Peterson.

Address: 2401 St. Francis Lane, Vancouver.


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What the business does: IMS Electronics Recycling recycles old electronics, often called e-waste. That term is used to describe discarded, defective, broken or obsolete electronic devices. E-waste contains components with hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury, and if not handled correctly becomes harmful to soils, waterways, the ozone layer, wildlife and humans. IMS Electronics handles the electronic recycling programs for Washington and Oregon. Both programs allow the public and small businesses to drop off their e-waste for responsible recycling. The company also provides services direct to businesses, helping them dispose of their electronic equipment. Millions of pounds of e-waste are processed each year by IMS Electronics Recycling.

Steps you are taking to build your business as the economy recovers: Peterson said IMS is expanding its business-to-business sales by reaching out to customers who might not know what services are available to help them. Many businesses are accumulating nonfunctioning electronics, obsolete or excess electronic components, or aged but working electronics. Those businesses need to dispose of the items in a financially sound, environmentally safe, confidential and secure manner. IMS works with these companies to understand their needs and selects the correct services.

Greatest challenge: Peterson said IMS has chosen to operate its e-waste business to high standards. It is an R2 (responsible recycling practices) certified e-waste processor. The company is ISO certified (International Organization for Standardization) in several categories. His company's choice to operate to the high standards does add burdens, but the high standards protect the company's clients.

Favorite part of the job: Peterson said his work is a business challenge, but he feels rewarded that his company does something that helps protect the planet and the community. The work he does every day, Peterson says, provides benefits beyond just being a successful business.

What's ahead: Peterson said they are entering the busiest part of their year. The two state programs traditionally generate significantly higher volumes over the next four months. The company has hired extra people to it can handle the extra workload. Over the next six months IMS will be increasing its partnership with programs in several additional states.

Year established in Clark County: 2007.

Employees: 60.

Telephone: 360-750-8883.

Fax: 360-750-8537.

Website: IMS Electronics Recycling

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.