Letter: Coal export projects full of flaws



In a May 29 column — “Will the N.W. be a casualty of the war on coal?” — Don Brunell accuses activists of being the aggressor, with the Pacific Northwest economy as a potential victim. War is an apt metaphor, but Brunell is off base labeling those who oppose coal export terminals as the aggressors.

Out-of-state corporations invade Pacific Northwest communities, attempting to get coal export terminals approved with the minimum review they can get away with. They promise jobs and economic benefits, but no guarantee those jobs will be filled by local unemployed citizens or that presumed economic “benefits” will outweigh risks and negative impacts on communities where coal passes through. The economy of the Pacific Northwest will not be the ultimate beneficiary of coal export terminals. Corporations with no ties to our economy stand to benefit, laying waste (as do aggressors in war) to the rail sites and waterways used to transport coal on its way to China.

There is nothing aggressive about those in affected communities calling for a comprehensive review of the cumulative impacts of multiple coal export projects which, if allowed to go forward, will ultimately make casualties of our Pacific Northwest citizens and communities.

Cathryn Chudy