LIVE: Vancouver USA Marathon updates

Yossef Zirari is overall winner

By Jeff Klein, Columbian sports staff



Yossef Zirari wins Vancouver USA Marathon in 2 hours, 24 minutes, 34 seconds (unofficial).

Angie Fiese, women's winner of the Vancouver USA Marathon.

Youssef Zirari, 26, of Vancouver leading the Vancouver USA Marathon early in the race.

NOTE: More coverage and photos will be posted on later in the day.

11:45 a.m. — Here are the top-10 finishers, all are Boston Marathon qualifying times:

Top 10 men

1, Youssef Zirari, 26, Vancouver, 2:34:25.

2, Jon Heli, 31, Portland, 2:48:34.

3, David Kyle, 34, San Francisco, 2:49:29.

4, John Strother, 38, Salem, 2:51:59.

5, Matt Urbanski, 31, Seattle, 2:53:55.

6, Trae Richardson, 28, Eugene, 2:57:17.

7, Guy Potter, 42, Durham, N.C., 2:57:59.

8, Brian Meenaghan, 44, Seattle, 2:58:11.

9, Alex Gay, 23, Portland, 3:01:06.

10, Micah Rice, 35, Vancouver, 3:01:24.

Top 10 women

1, Angie Fiese, 34, Mableton, Ga., 3:07:40.

2, Julie Bertoia, 35, Henderson, Nevada, 3:17:01.

3, Michelle Bird, 29, Portland, 3:22:29.

4, Kate Fischer, 29, Portland 3:23:36.

5, Kristina Cupp, 19, Vancouver, 3:28:26.

6, Karissa Hudspeth, 37, Salem, 3:29:29.

7, Linnea Alejandre, 26, Vancouver, 3:32:14.

8, Heidi Wood, 27, Portland, 3:33:01.

9, Kat Degroat, 36, Wilsonville, Ore., 3:33:27.

10, Andrea Strutin, 29, Portland, 3:35:04.

10:43 AM: Angie Fiese of Mableton, Georgia, is the women’s winner of the marathon.

9:42 AM: Zirari’s finishing time was faster than last year’s inaugural race (2:37:39).

9:41 AM: Yossef Zirari wins Vancouver USA Marathon in 2 hours, 24 minutes, 34 seconds (unofficial).

9:34 AM: General course info: runners go east as far as Marine Park then turn around, running down Columbia Way along the Columbia River waterfront and over the landbridge at Fort Vancouver, north on Fort Vancouver Way and back west on Evergreen to C Street, then south to 8th Street and back to the finish at Esther Short Park.

9:20 AM: Reporter Paul Danzer now at the finish line awaiting … most likely … Zirari.

9:04 AM: The full marathon will progress down to Columbia House Blvd. and east before turning north on Martin St. and then east again on 5th Street toward Evergreen Blvd. and continuing east.

9:01 AM: The Vancouver USA Half Marathon is beginning from Esther Short Park. This means there are now nearly 2,000 runners on the streets of Vancouver (give or take).

8:53 AM: Zirari has substantial lead at Mile 18.

8:44 AM: At Mile 17 Officers Row. Zirari still leads. … The race now goes through Fort Vancouver and toward E. 5th Street and east.

8:38 AM: Paul Danzer tweets the race is approaching Mile 16, under I-5 on McLaughlin. Zirari looks strong.

8:31 AM: Runners returning to downtown area. Mile 14.5 is Main Street.

8:24 AM: Zirari in the lead at Mile 13.

8:14 AM: Zirari maintains the lead at Mile 12.

8:04 AM: Once runners complete the Frenchman’s Bar loop and head back into downtown, the marathon will go north on Franklin then east on W. McLoughlin for 5 blocks to Main Street then north on Main to 25th. Runner will then head east on 25th to C Street and then head south back to McLoughlin.

7:32 AM: Paul Danzer? tweets that the pace car will pick up race at Mile 15, after the Frenchman’s Bar loop.

7:30 AM: Just posted a photo by Steven Lane from the start of the race.

7:15 AM: Paul Danzer reporting from the chase vehicle says Youssef Zirari of Vancouver out front by 30 seconds at Mile 2. Joshua Monda running second. (We are assuming the bib numbers are the same as the VUSAM website confirmation list!)

7:09 AM: Runners will first head west on West 8th Street, then turn right on Franklin to West 15th St. on the way out toward Vancouver Lake.

7:01 AM: And we are under way with the second Vancouver USA Marathon.

6:30 AM: Ready to run? Today’s the day.

We’ll be posting race updates here as intrepid reporter Paul Danzer rides along in the chase vehicle ahead of the lead pack. He will attempt to have in-race Twitter updates, at

Here are some things to know about the second running of the Vancouver USA Marathon:

• The Vancouver USA Marathon starts at 7 a.m. today on Columbia Street next to Esther Short Park. Look for the first finisher to arrive back at the park between 9:30 and 9:45 a.m.

• The Vancouver USA Half Marathon starts at 9 a.m.

• According to the marathon website, nearly 1,900 runners were confirmed for the event as of June 12.

• Many streets will be closed or monitored by flaggers. Drivers should anticipate delays at some intersections. Click here for our story about which streets are closed.

Places to watch the race: Main Street (mile 14.5); Fred Meyer Grand Central plus Grand and Columbia House Boulevard (mile 16.5); Marine Park (mile 21.5); Beaches Restaurant (mile 23.5).

On the Web: Results will be posted on the race’s official website later in the day. Click here to link to the results page.

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