Letter: Fireworks yield many horror stories



The June 13 editorial — “Fireworks ban won’t work: There are other, better ways to address the Fourth of July dilemma,” regarding the Vancouver City Council’s possible changes in fireworks regulations — is interesting. However, there’s no mention of the serious harm fireworks cause each year to property, pets, and people. Why did the Columbian’s editorial board skip over this? In the 11 Independence Days I’ve lived in Clark County, I’ve never read a report on what violations, fines, or fires took place in unincorporated areas of our county. I have heard some real horror stories from friends who live in north county.

I’ve also read how local nonprofits depend on fireworks sales as their major fundraiser. Having lived all over our nation, I know of hundreds of local nonprofits that manage to survive by raising funds in countless other ways.

Don Greenwood