Vital statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Andrews, Paula L. and Page S. Woman's name changed to Willhite.

Breighner, Marcella Ann and Micha Lee. Woman's name changed to Roth.

Elliott, Julie and Virgle.

Green, Donald Oren and Julie Elisabeth.

Gregory, Heather Ann and David Richard.

Grimes, Melonie and Jordan. Woman's name changed to Sparks.

Hall, Michelle and Kyle.

Howard, Don and Pam. Woman's name changed to Oakes.

Kelso, Erik Korte and Dianna Lynn.

Kunz, Nicole Maree and Kevin Paul. Woman's name changed to Kain.

Lafrance, Jeremy and Karress.

Lead, Tracy Diane and Daniel Clayton. Woman's name changed to Young.

Macom, Todd Norman and Brenda Dianne. Woman's name changed to Brannon.

Matsushima, Lisa A. and Darryn H.

Matthews, Elizabeth and David.

Mendoza, Sandra M. and Garcia, Jaime A.

Moisescu, Georgeta and Silviu Valentin. Woman's name changed to Popescu.

Shcherbakov, Andrey and Shcherbakova, Marina.

Skinner, Michelle Marie and Shane Michael.

Tyler, Maria and Reyes, Armando.

Updegrave, Anita M. and Christopher L.

Watking-Exton, Kristine Sheets and Larry A.

Whilte, Maridem and Charles.

Wray, Eythan and Holden, Colett.


Salh, Arwa Abdel Hay and Smalley Jr., Russel Lee.


Combs, Jason J. and Emily J.

Mercer, Rudylee Floyd and Dona Jo.

Seidel, Curtis S. and Estacio, Wanda E.

Sellman, Jason J. and Cassandra.

Summers, Roger Dean and Heath Lynn.

Thomas, Victoria M. and Trent M.

Marriage licenses


Browder, Jacky, 56, Beaverton, Ore., and Sasnett, Antoinette Florine, 46, Vancouver.

Collins, Aaron Micheal, 30, Vancouver, and McGarry, Kimberly Ann, 34, Vancouver.

Curry, Andrew Scott, 25, Vancouver, and Schoenwald, Samantha Elizabeth, 23, Vancouver.

Garner, Guy Dale, 55, Battle Ground, and Johnson, Mary Lou, 47, Battle Ground.

Gregson, Michael Anthony, 40, Washougal, and Johnson, Michele Ann, 41, Washougal.

Johnson, Daniel Jay, 34, Vancouver, and Blair, Susan Elaine, 55, Vancouver.

Holcomb, Jack Douglas, 23, Ridgefield, and Hale, Nicolette Paige, 21, Portland.

Knutson, Raymond Alan, 26, Vancouver, and Carmelo, Joel Malia, 25, Vancouver.

McCammon, Nicholas Kirk, 30, Vancouver, and Witherspoon, Kelsie Jacqueline, 23, Vancouver.

Norcup, Michael Allen, 34, Rockwall, Texas, and Mukensnabl, Whitney Ann, 22, Rockwall, Texas.

Warneking, Joel Frederick, 24, Portland, and Plotner, Rachel Marie, 21, Vancouver.

Whitaker, Clyde Jacob, 25, Mulino, Ore., and Lembcke, Lynn Marie, 26, Mulino, Ore.

Willis, Andrew Martin, 30, Vancouver, and Gray, Katharine Anne, 29, Vancouver.

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