Letter: Ban fireworks countywide



Safe and sane fireworks are neither safe nor sane. They can still set fires, and they still create chaos in the neighborhoods with awful noise that every year goes way beyond the so-called “set limits” and a lot of pollution as well.

And don’t start on me about “patriotic.” What’s patriotic about purchasing fireworks made in China? If you want to be patriotic, then help out a veteran, do some volunteer work in your community, and get out and vote (very few registered voters actually do and isn’t that a pity?). And trust me, the nonprofit and school groups will manage just fine without the sale of fireworks. I’ve seen that happen in other communities that I lived in.

I think we really need a countywide policy on fireworks, with either an all-out ban or perhaps limit them to only July 4. That is the holiday, not June 28 to July 4th or the first through the fourth. So, city councilors and county commissioners, let’s get some cooperation going and get a countywide policy in place.

Valerie Wheeler