Fishing report for June 21



Chinook catch rates ‘fair to good’

Catch rates ranged from fair to good during the first weekend of summer chinook angling on the lower Columbia River, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reports.

Boat anglers in the Gorge had the best success, with anglers averaging 1.05 summer chinook caught per boat. In the estuary boat anglers averaged 0.9 summer chinook, 0.2 steelhead, and 0.1 sockeye caught per boat, while anglers fishing the Portland to Longview area averaged 0.3 summer chinook and 0.03 sockeye caught per boat. In Troutdale, Ore., boat anglers averaged 0.13 summer chinook caught per boat.

Bank anglers fishing in the Gorge had the highest summer chinook catch rates, where anglers averaged 0.10 summer chinook caught per angler. In the estuary bank, anglers averaged 0.09 summer chinook, 0.09 steelhead and 0.13 sockeye caught per angler, while bank anglers fishing the Portland to Longview area averaged 0.04 summer chinook, 0.05 steelhead, and 0.12 sockeye caught per angler. On Saturday’s flight, 850 salmonid boats, 36 shad boats, 612 Oregon salmonid bank anglers, and 147 Oregon shad bank anglers were counted.

Effective June 16 through July 31, the Columbia from Astoria, Ore., to the Oregon-Washington border is open to the retention of adipose fin-clipped summer chinook, adipose fin-clipped steelhead, sockeye (fin-clipped or not) and shad.

The daily bag limit is two adipose fin-clipped adult summer chinook, adipose fin-clipped summer steelhead or sockeye in combination and five adipose fin-clipped chinook jacks. All sockeye count toward the adult salmonid daily bag limit, regardless of size.

The Columbia from Astoria to Buoy 10 is closed to salmon and steelhead fishing, but open for shad.

Columbia sturgeon opportunities

Sturgeon retention is allowed three days per week — on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays — from Marker 82 downstream to the Wauna Powerlines through July 31, with a 38-inch minimum and 54-inch maximum fork length restriction in effect.

The estuary sturgeon season is open seven days per week through July 8 (or catch guideline) below the Wauna power lines with a 41-inch minimum and 54-inch maximum size limit (fork length).

The Bonneville Pool is open to sturgeon retention June 22 and June 23.