Letter: Medical choices are important



In reply to Lynette Shero’s June 7 letter, “Affordable care mandate is a threat,” even though I am too old to require birth control, I would like my grandchildren and heirs to have that choice in their lives. The choice to use contraceptives should be a personal one. Religion should only come into play if your religion doesn’t give you that personal choice.

Contraceptives have been a medical miracle for millions of women. Women should have this medical choice no more or no less than their choices of other medical treatment.

I don’t see how adding a mandate that all insurances must cover approved prescription contraceptives interferes with others’ choices. No one is being forced to use a contraceptive.

Are people worried that the cost of insurance will go up? What dollar figure would you put on children who are abused because they were not wanted? What about the millions of children throughout the world who starve to death? Many atrocities perpetuated on children could be alleviated if all women had choices.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of the religious right trying to change our laws to suit their religious needs. I can only hope and pray that this country continues to be one that separates church from state.

Carol Lee Sage-Nellis