Letter: Recirculate money to make it work



I have been listening to economists and have come to a conclusion. It seems quite simple, actually. Think about it. What is money good for?

It’s what we use instead of bartering — which, by the way, some of the people of Greece are doing now and my folks did in the late 1920s when the Depression was getting started. Money makes trading a lot simpler. OK, if we agree on that, then let’s use it and use it and use it.

Now how do we do that?

Our government — of, for and by the people — can print it, tax it and borrow it. That then makes our government responsible for money’s circulation.

Money that gets into hands of people who can’t use it all or companies who aren’t going to spend it unless they have customers stops the money flow or circulation. You can’t have customers if we can’t find a job.

The government can tax it back into circulation. Borrowing and printing works until good flow gets started but taxing works the best and is the most efficient. The government can also raise interest in case the money begins to circulate too fast and we go into inflation.

Let’s vote in a way that will get this money back into circulation.

Dean Ickes