Letter: Flashing red will stop traffic



Periodically, a letter is printed regarding pedestrian crossings on Fourth Plain Boulevard. These crossings have flashing lights to warn motorists, but accidents still occur and the crosswalks remain dangerous.

Marilyn Tyrrell’s June 16 letter, “Use calming devices on Fourth Plain,” even suggested “calming” the street, planting trees and so forth along the boulevard, to slow traffic. I have a less expensive suggestion that I think would be much more successful.

These crossings do have flashing lights for the pedestrians, but they are yellow flashing lights. As yellow traditionally indicates a need for caution, even if they slow down, many drivers may still not see someone stepping off the curb. Change these lights to red.

A flashing red light always means the need to come to a complete stop, which is what pedestrians need traffic to do when they are crossing such a busy roadway. For the small price of switching the lights themselves from yellow to red, lives could be saved and Fourth Plain could be made a much safer roadway for both pedestrians and drivers.

Roy G. Wilson