Share hopes challenge aids fundraising drive



Share Inc., a provider of services to the hungry and homeless in Clark County, is within striking distance of finishing up a capital campaign.

A June 18 fundraising event at philanthropist Ed Lynch’s home drew 50 Share supporters who pledged $55,107 toward the final phase of renovations on Share’s new headquarters, its Fromhold Service Center at 2306 N.E. Andresen Road. There was a fundraising match challenge of $100,000, donated by Paul and Deborah Speer.

Share still needs to raise the remaining $44,893 to match the Speer challenge. Donations are always welcome; also, donors can purchase personalized bricks that will pave the entrance to the Fromhold Service Center. Personalized bricks start at $200. Room naming opportunities are also available.

To learn more about donations and brick purchases, visit or contact Erin Bricker at 360-695-7658 ext. 3301. For information on room naming, contact Sue Warren at 360-750-4436, ext. 304, or