Letter: City erred on fireworks decision



Lately there has been much discussion in The Columbian about the use of unsafe fireworks within the city limits of Vancouver. And now the Vancouver City Council has decided against a fireworks ban.

The nonprofits seem to think that fireworks are the only source of income, even though the same nonprofits seem to make money for their various projects throughout the rest of the country.

Then there is the civil responsibility of the elected city council. Once a house burns down due to the negligence of the council to enact proper safety legislation to protect the citizens of Vancouver, they and the city should be held civilly responsible. There is no difference between failing to regulate fireworks and a bar that serves a person alcohol, who then drives a car, causes an accident and kills someone. The bar then gets sued and loses. It has happened many times in the United States and it will happen in Vancouver. It’s just a matter of time. If the council does not want to do its job, put it to a vote of “We the People.”

Robert F. Nesvick Jr.