Letter: Apply golden rule every day



Many of the letters I’ve read lately are disturbing to me. I’m embarrassed by my fellow Christians’ blatant bigotry and judgmental attitude toward gay marriage and other topics.

It seems that we Christians are ignorant of what it means to be Christian. Christ loves all mankind; so should we. Instead we hide behind scripture to justify bad behavior. We point at “the sinners” and stand in judgment of anyone who does not believe as we do. We’ve forgotten that we are all sinners. Yes, even Christians sin. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying.

Treat others as you wish to be treated means exactly that. I believe God will treat me as I treat others.

I’m certainly not perfect, nor do I claim to be. I do the best I can. My best is believing that I’ve been given the right to believe in Christ with “freedom of religion.” That does not mean I have the right to deny others their rights simply because they do not believe as I do.

Christians, take heed. Put your “holier than thou” attitudes in check. God will be asking on your day of judgment where was your love, kindness, mercy, fairness and forgiveness.

Susan Smith